2007 Jeep WK CRD Maintenance and Modification for Overland vehicle

2007 WK CRD and Kodiak

The Jeep was picked as a tow vehicle to embark on a circa. three year exploration of the Americas. All options were looked at including large motorhome towing a smaller vehicle, self contained four wheel drive, Roof top tent etc. In the end it was decided an off-road vehicle capable of towing a camping trailer large enough to spend time in with a family of four, but small and light enough to get into some more remote spots, and U.S.A. state parks. Many RV parks and state parks limit trailers to 28′ or 30′ feet, so we opted for a 24′ hybrid which folds out to 28′ with the rear bed out. The plan is to get to an area, find a base to set up trailer, and then explore from there.

This specific make and model was picked for a combination of the capability of the Quadra Drive II and the hopeful reliability of the Mercedes Benz OM642 V6 Turbo Diesel engine. Additionally the transmission is a MB product and the rear diff is a relatively simple affair with the rest of the mechanical parts being pretty standard stuff. What is not pretty standard in this vehicle (although becoming moreso) is the amount of computer controlled sensors, electronics, limp mode inducing signals etc.