WK OM642 Blackstone Labs Test

With 140’000 kms (87’000 miles) on my Jeep WK CRD with Mercedes Benz OM642 V6 Turbo Diesel engine I decided to get an oil analysis from Blackstone labs.

The oil being tested had 10’000 kms (6’200 miles) on it which was my normal oil change interval. Going through a Canadian winter alone puts it into Service Interval B. 

See link: http://www.wkjeeps.com/wk_maintenance.htm#ENGOIL

Having been fairly safe, I was curious what the oil analysis would say about my engine oil after 10’000 kms (6’200 miles)

As a bit of history, and to give some background information for what oil service I use.

Especially in summer I use 5W-40 instead of 5W-30. Sometimes I do use   5W-30 in winter but usually use Castrol 5W-40 which is what was tested.

Castrol Oil 5W-40

For filter I usually use Mann HU 821 X.

Mann HU 821 X

One practice that may be overkill, but should have no downside is I often change the oil filter mid oil life. With Blackstone labs recent feedback suggesting I can add more kms to my oil change interval this seems to make sense, and still be a cost savings for operating costs.

Battery H8 Oil Change Filter

Shown here is the filter side of the V6 with the filter and O-rings set and ready to go in. While some people recommend filling half the 9.5 quart oil capacity through this hole, which fills at abut 10% of the speed of the oil fill hole on the other cylinder bank.

I used to do this, but after thinking about it, and discussing it with a friend who is a trained WK CRD mechanic, we could not really see much sense in it.

If you think about it, all the oil ends up in the sump (oil pan) anyway, which is then picked up by the pump and distributes through the oil system, which should already be primed in a normal oil change situation. During an engine rebuild it is recommended (necessary) to turn over the engine until oil pressure comes up.

What is more dangerous to the oil system is the foil tops of many brands oil jugs (Castrol included) which are not easy to remove gets into your closed oil system.

So without further adieu, sic, here is the Blackstone Lab oil analysis.

07 GRAND CHEROKEE-170527 copy

  • On a positive note, there is no excessive water, fuel etc.
  • Blackstone recommends it being okay to ad kms to the oil change.

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