2007 WK CRD Air Intake and Turbo Resonator Modification

After playing with aluminum turbo pipes, silicone adapters, 90 degree beds and lots of T-clamps for over a year,  am close to giving up and going back to stock.

Turbo Resonator delete: I will leave all the information below, and steps etc that I took to make a T.R.D., but in the end it started blowing pipes again, and I just gave up and put the original kidney back on. I may consider buying the CB engineering Resonator delete at some point, but it is a lot of dough. Also when I pulled my resonator delete and Intercooler, and drained them there was almost no oil to be found.

B.T. Catch Can Install on OM642, 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK

Above: See engine bay with air intake mod and oil catch can in place.

Jeep CRD modified Air intake

You can see the parts used here are a long aluminum 90 degree bend pipe inverted. A 90 degree silicone elbow, a short length of aluminum pipe. At the air filter end there is a reducer to go from larger diameter outlet from filter box.

From the little straight pipe there is a 90 degree longish degree pipe (Sadly not silicone) It is smaller diameter to match the turbo intake.

Proper stainless steel T bolt clamps for turbo pipes are a must. Vibrant makes good ones, as do others. For the intake side this is less an issue since there is only vacuum and no boost.

Everything below is for the Turbo resonator Delete mod.



Stock “Kidney” Turbo resonatorIn bottom right of center you can see resonator delete pipe installed. 
Above: This is a product you can buy online from CB Engineering. 
About a 33 degree bend. 
Here you see dimensions of Resonator delete pipe

More to come soon. 













8 Replies to “2007 WK CRD Air Intake and Turbo Resonator Modification”

  1. In the end I can not suggest this. 21 psi can pop off clamps even with bead on alu. pipe. Will wait for CB-engineering pipe assuming it is good quality.

  2. My jeep is a late model 2008 and does not have the kidney bean thing it is a round can looking thing. Do I or can I still delete it and will it help?

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  4. I would like want to put a better intercooler on my Jeep and was hoping someone would know the dimensions of the intercooler or what intercooler size I could get away with?

    1. Todd,
      For the resonator delete, look at CB-Engineering, they state that it’s not the same replacement because Jeep took the one from Mercedes, so, it’s on their M.-B. page. for the same engine.

      Also, they have the Intercooler… just saying that I don’t think anybody else has gone those lenghts to upgrade the CRD. I think the specs are specified.

  5. Great, a site for my newly acquired Jeep WK CRD. Thanks for doing it!

    Going for the crankcase vent modification, but confused-where is this MAP sensor downstream from the turbo that all the other OM642 engine people say needs to be cleaned? Is there a picture showing sensor locations on the Jeep 3.0 WK1 CRD?

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