Jeep WK CRD Fuel Tank Corrosion Issue

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK CRDs have an issue with trapping dirt, debris and salt between the steel tank and the steel armour. The problem seems most pronounced in the rear left corner. At the very least try and flush this corner out when washing.

These two threads on Jeepforum explain the problem and solutions quite well. Below is a PDF I made that better explains how to remove the armour and some of the issues with doing this and fixing the problem. 

Rear Left corner of WK CRD Diesel tank. Corroded from dirt and debris caught between tank and armour

The drain holes in the armour are small, and the tank seems to suffer. Attached is a link for a PDF with detailed instructions on how to drop the tank with photos showing where the bolts are and how to reach them. If you have a CRD (or possible a WK with a steel gas tank and armour) it is worth inspecting before you start having a diesel leak. With the amount of people needing this problem to be fixed, it probably should have been a Jeep Chrysler recall, but we know how loathe car companies are to recall vehicles and pay money to fix things they screwed up, unless you are Tesla.

Please feel free to submit a claim to NHTSA.

Basically if you have a Jeep WK with the fuel tank armour and live in an environment that uses salt on the roads there is a good chance your tank has begun corroding heavily, and many people have already had to fix this. Jeep DIesel Fuel Tank Armor Drop

2 Replies to “Jeep WK CRD Fuel Tank Corrosion Issue”

  1. Thanks for the information.
    I’m new to the WK , having bought an 08 CRD with 93,00 kms.
    I may have purchased a money pit (hah).
    The differential ratios (3.73) may be fine for pulling a trailer, but not so good for efficiency.
    I’ve changed both diffs to 3.07 ratio (used front diff and used rear gear set), so that should help.
    Then I noticed very notchy u-joints in that very stupid composite rear driveshaft. What an engineering failure that design is.
    Now, since I live in the rust belt of Western Canada, I see that fuel tank corrosion is an issue.
    What the heck? Every thing that I’ve owned since 1995 has had plastic fuel tanks. And this thing has to have steel? I don’t understand how design decisions are made by the manufacturers.
    Well, at least through the forums (once a person gleans out the non-info submitted by many) I can see what the issues are.
    Thanks for keeping WK owners in the know!

    1. Yeah I am not really sure why they chose to use a steel tank instead of plastic. Let me know if you find out.

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